Friday, November 12, 2010

Freedom to say "No"

Wondering how many people in this life dare to say loudly, openly and honestly - No!

Is it cultural think or what? Why I have to step back to waitress which mix-up order while at the end of the day I have to pay her?

Is it stupidity or what? Why I have to be modest and shut my mouth up while politicians, which took my 'voice', are stealing money, pride and faith of My Country?

Is it blindness or what? Why we keep complaining about crimes, bribes and other illegal stuff if we keep doing it ourselves or encouraging others to do so?

I bet there are thousands more reasons to blame someone else out there... But if we really want others to believe that we are not joking by saying - No! - we have to say it to ourself at first and start believe in its power. Freedom is something you already have...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When all doors are closed

There is one thing which keeps bothering my head in the last month. This annoying thought was provoked by the fact that I'm not really satisfied with current job, employers, etc. Maybe I raise too high requirements or expectations towards a daily job, working environment, relationship between employees and micro-climate overall, social benefits or at least basic social security..? Looking from my point of view those things would be one of the basics which I would try to ensure and implement for my employees if I would be the Boss. But I'm not. And it's not up to me to judge them. Because I might not know the real financial situation of the company and other underneath processes which influencing such behavior.

So then the day comes when you all over the sudden realize that things you are doing are not fulfilling you anymore, you getting more and more tired because of monotonic job, the same problems every day, stagnation and so on. And then - you have a brilliant idea to open a new page in your life and start new things which you always wanted, things which motivates you, things on which you could spend hours daily just because you feel being in a right place at the right moment.

Do you recognize yourself in situation described above? I bet you do. Now there is a questions worth million euros! How to get a job in totally new field without having any practical experience in particular field? How to prove to your potential employer that you could be useful, loyal, fast learner not less than any other more experienced candidate?

The more I stare at the closed doors in front of me, the more I'm willing to jump through the open window. Which means that you have to work on yourself. I'm still afraid of the height, uncontrolled fall and consequences when I will reach the ground, but... Oh, that temptation is so strong!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Don't you wish to change your life a bit?

Seriously, I’m impressed about other peoples’ ability to be creative, stylish, cool, to be talented in sports, cooking or any other activity. I still can’t understand why and how my old fellows are getting married!? Can’t believe that I have to live on my own, look after personal savings, and soon will have to take care of my parents… Kids! They are everywhere! Small, cute, bigger and smaller. How come I don’t have any of them?

What was I thinking about in last 25 years of my life? Why do I feel like I’m behind the time?

Actually, who said that I’m behind the time? The fact that I don’t have girlfriend (I hate this word) means that something wrong with me..? During last few years my heart is open more than ever. I’m more and more keen to go for risk and fell in love with somebody.

Only recently I managed stop stressing about it and let things go. Who knows… maybe after 35 years from now I will look back and mile at myself being independent, free, a bit wild, risky sometimes and childish... That could be a dream of most of old people, isn’t?

Money! God, they are so beautiful, sexy and seductive. They are so powerful, influencing and addictive! I wish my soul could escape from this curse… You know… I went to India for 2 weeks. I saw many people… differently from Pakistan I met there more people happy, but without money.
No, I haven’t spoken to them. Didn’t say hi or didn’t give a single penny. But I saw in their eyes the inner peace. It used to be damn hot outside, dirty, noisy all around you… but this poor man is sitting in the shadow surrounded with serenity. Looking at him you start realizing that all the chaos around you is meaningless!
Aren’t you jealous? Look how busy you are. Check how little time you have every day… Our life looks so pathetic [sometimes].

I love strangers. All kind of strangers. Tall and small; with long hair and no hair at all; with accent and native speakers; poor and rich. And each time I meet one of them – I never ask their name, social status, title at work or where he/she is going or where she/he is coming from.
One smile, one small gesture ‘you go first’ means more than skype account or facebook name. It gives me more mystery. In such moments I love them for the moment I spent with them… don’t you think that a whole life is created of unlimited number of moments. How many of those moments do we remember. So that’s why I chose to enjoy those few moments with strangers in my life…

Everything around me is changing too fast. Faster than I can accept. The one thing which I can count on – is music. The music which I have for years. But all those years haven’t changed the mood they create… Music Gives You Love. Love the music.

P.S. sorry for random thoughts…